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Fiss Fiss

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From Founder
We always try to give you best fragrance available in the segment.
Tapan Arya, Aman Jangra, Rishabh Arya
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Our Story

We are new, but we are ambitious. We are ATRP Private Limited, a company full of passion for fragrances. We aim to be the king of the atomizer industry. We come from a middle-class city but know the rules of the metro. Our first hop is Fiss-Fiss in the Indian market to give you bouquets. ATRP aims to introduce perfumes, room fresheners, toilet fresheners, car fresheners, and other fashions in the market.

We does a number of experiment with fragrance, its intensity, its concentration, its long-lasting and price. As we different from rest of the market. We are closely watching our customers choice and appreciate if you tell us about any product you don’t like in our basket.

We will try to give a number of fragrance to our customers, perhaps max in the market. So be prepare to smell a wide range. We also invite you as a customer to suggest a fragrance you want in our basket, we will try to bring it as soon as possible to add it in our range. Just write to us at or fill the following form.

All Skin Types

Most of the time we get assured about skin sensitivity but it is a matter of chance if your skin still get allergy, so simply stop the use of that particular product.

Pure Organic And Synthetic Elements

Our products are not pure organic although they base part of fragrance comes from them and other part may contain essential synthetic component in formulations.

Nature Care

Our company take care of nature by growing and donate to nature care socities.


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